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    Gittleson Zuppas Medical Realty was established in 1990 as a specialty real estate firm. We discovered that the medical real estate market had been ignored by most brokerage firms, and the doctors were not protecting themselves against the changes occurring in the medical profession.

    In the past, doctors were able to raise their rates to combat increases in overhead, however managed care and the pressure insurance companies were putting on doctors no longer made this possible. Besides payroll and malpractice insurance the lease expense has become a very large part of the overhead of a practice. The lease expense is one area where doctors can “cut costs” or maximize the efficiency of the practice. This is where our firm has flourished by recognizing the special needs physicians have as they relate to office space.

    A major portion of our business is representing physicians. In this process we identify the physician’s needs, look at alternatives, analyze those alternatives, assist the tenant in making a selection, negotiate the terms and conditions, and finalize the lease documents. While the job of representing physicians involves a definable process the most important part of the job is intuitive and personal. Gaining confidence and respect from our clients is our overall mission.