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3 Tips for Starting a Mastermind Group

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iStock_000011045214XSmallYou know that finding the time to attend conferences and networking events can be difficult.

But, you also know that missing out on these opportunities can mean falling behind. When you’re not in a room with your peers regularly, you don’t get all of the little tips that are shared, or the referrals that happen.

To balance time while staying in the loop, busy professionals are turning to a networking method called “Mastermind Groups”.

These groups are usually 4-20 professionals who meet on a regular basis (usually monthly) in a casual setting around a conference table or in a restaurant. They share what they’ve been up to and offer ideas on what has been working for their businesses. Each member of the group can also bring a problem or a roadblock they are facing and receive advice from the others in the group.

The benefits are obvious – between the information you’ll walk away with and the relationships that you’ll create, making time for these meetings is worth it. Here are three tips to help you start your own Mastermind Group:

Mastermind Group Tip #1 – Branch out.

So, you’re a dentist. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get tips from the¬†pediatrician in your building, or referrals from the accountant down the street or great advice from the florist on the other end of town. Use this as an opportunity to learn tactics and create relationships that your competitors aren’t learning at the dental conferences you all attended together.

Mastermind Group Tip # 2 РCreate a standing agenda and stick to it.

Attendees will feel comfortable sharing if they know what to expect. So, create a set of questions that everyone will answer each time you meet and use it as your standing agenda. Here are some sample questions:

  • What are 3 things you’ve accomplished since our last meeting
  • What have you learned/read/used recently that you think others should look into?
  • What is one thing that you feel is holding your business back right now?

Mastermind Group Tip #3 – Keep the time and place convenient and the plan simple.

Choose a time during business hours to meet so that members don’t have to choose between going home to see their families or meeting with your group. Don’t fuss over catering or projectors or handouts. Just invite members to sit down in your conference room or waiting room with their own notes and have a conversation.

The less complicated – the more likely that you and the members will keep it up month after month.

If you have a Mastermind Group already, or you’re thinking about starting one – we’d love to be part of it. Let us know when you’re meeting and we’ll join you!

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