Change Your Perspective

Change Your Perspective on Your Practice

March 10, 2023 For Dentists, For Doctors

If your medical practice is experiencing a slump in new patients, revenues, or employee motivation, a shift in perspective might be in order. Allow yourself some time to dig deep into why and how you do things – and ensure that your approaches align both with your personal goals as well as current best medical and business practices. Here’s how to take a fresh look at your practice with an eye to continuous improvement.

What to Know Before Signing Your Next Medical Lease

What to Know Before Signing Your Next Medical Lease

February 24, 2023 For Dentists, For Doctors

As a medical provider, the lease is one of your major expenses. Handled right, your lease can work in your favor and position you for success. But a poorly negotiated lease can cost you thousands in perks and options left on the table. Before you renew your current lease or sign the lease on a new building, here’s what to consider.

Tips to Grow Your Pediatric Practice

Tips for Growing Your Pediatric Practice

As we move into 2023, goal setting is top of mind. If you run a pediatric practice, no doubt one of your goals is to grow that practice into the new year and beyond. For you, strategy, intentionality, and consistency are key. Here’s how to get the word out about your pediatric practice to bring new patients in – and keep existing ones coming back.

Maximize Profitability

How to Maximize Your Profitability Through Real Estate

January 26, 2023 Medical Offices

Keeping a watch on your medical practice’s bottom line is vital for the viability of your business. There are many factors that can impact your profitability, but real estate is one of the biggest. In fact, it’s usually the second-largest expense your business will face. For that reason, getting the size, location, and usage of your practice just right is a delicate balance – and can be the difference between a practice that gets by and one that thrives. Here’s what to consider.

Help Your Medical Practice a Perfect Game

Help Your Medical Practice Play a Perfect Game

January 17, 2023 For Dentists, For Doctors

Continuous improvement is at the heart of a successful medical practice. What worked in the past isn’t always what works now. And each expansion, service addition, or new piece of technology is an opportunity to reassess and refine your offer. If you’re ready to bowl a strike in the eyes of the public, review each area of your practice to identify gaps or areas for improvement.

Wrap Up

6 Steps to a Successful Year-End Practice Wrap-Up

December 15, 2022 For Dentists, For Doctors

It’s hard to believe, but December is here again – and in a few short weeks, we’ll be getting ready to launch into 2023. Now is the time to get on top of outstanding admin, accounting, and to-do tasks so that you’re well-placed to hit the ground running in January. Here’s what to do.


How to Increase the Value of Your Medical Practice

December 7, 2022 For Dentists, For Doctors

Having an exit strategy is vital in any industry – including healthcare. Whether you’re looking ahead to retirement or are weighing the pros and cons of acquisition or expansion, you’ll want to ensure that your medical practice valuation is as high as possible. Here’s what to consider in both the long and short term.

Following Up With Patients

The Importance of Following up with Patients

November 28, 2022 For Dentists, For Doctors

Your patients are your practice’s lifeblood. But acquiring new patients requires a significant investment in marketing and resources, which is why it’s vital to keep new patients coming back. Here’s what to know about staying in touch with patients post-visit – and using their feedback to continue to shape your practice for the better.

Team Building

Motivate Your Medical Staff with These Team-Building Exercises

November 10, 2022 For Dentists, For Doctors

A motivated team is vital to a great patient experience. While elements such as pay, benefits, and autonomy all help boost employee engagement, team-building exercises are another opportunity to foster a positive practice culture. Here’s how to get your team feeling connected and inspired to do their best.

Workplace Culture

How to Co-Create a Medical Office Workplace Culture

October 24, 2022 For Dentists, For Doctors

Organizational culture is critical to your medical office’s success. It’s the glue that brings and keeps your team together, creating a sensibility that infuses your entire brand experience. But a culture can’t just be applied from above. To truly “stick” in an authentic, long-lived way, culture must be co-created with staff at all levels. Here’s how to foster a shared, communal culture in your medical office workplace.

Factors to Consider when Hiring

Factors to Consider When Hiring New Medical Staff

October 10, 2022 For Dentists, For Doctors

The patient experience doesn’t begin and end in the consultation room. Patients interact with a number of different personnel, from the front desk staff to nurses and assistants. These interactions shape your patients’ experience and overall perception of your practice, so ensuring that your staff properly reflects your brand and company culture is vital. Here’s what to think about when considering a new hire.

Local Searches

How to Dominate Local Healthcare Searches in Your Area

September 27, 2022 For Dentists, For Doctors

Local SEO is a big deal. This is the algorithm that works to surface your healthcare practice when people in your area are searching for specific services, treatments, or products. With 46% of Google searches involving users looking for local information, ranking highly on local searches is critical to the success of your practice – even for specialists or those delivering telehealth care.