4 Great Prescriptions For The Right Medical Relocation

December 5, 2017 Relocation

Building a successful medical or dental practice is hard work. Moving your practice could prove equally as challenging. If you’re an established practice currently considering relocation, you should start a must-do checklist right now. Here are four critical tips to get you started:

1. Rent or Own

Moving any office is challenging enough, relocating a medical practice is even more so. Your first logical step is deciding whether you plan to own or lease. Either scenario involves having the right information to make more informed decisions. So, next on your checklist is to partner with an agent or broker specializing in medical real estate office space. These experts can guide you at every step starting with helping you explore options that could lower the purchase price or rental rate.

2. Ideal Location

Finding the right office space also means finding a location that fits your needs. Are there convenient parking facilities for your patients, staff and suppliers? Is the address close to public transit? Is the building accessible by design with features like elevators, handicap-accessible ramps and restrooms? Another consideration to keep in mind is many older buildings don’t have the required infrastructure to support your high-tech needs.

3. Specialized Transport

Moving a medical practice requires specialized equipment and technicians highly skilled in three important areas: a) disassembling your sophisticated equipment, b) safely packing and moving them without damage, and c) reassembling, then assuring equipment is “good-to-go” in your new location. There are even state and federal guidelines that must be met for transporting medical equipment. The trick is to find movers that also know how to minimize your downtime, so you experience little or no loss of billable hours.

4. Notifying Patients and Payers

Add to your growing checklist who to notify and when. You’ll need to announce your change of address to all your payers: Medicare, Medicaid, In-Network Providers, etc.  You must also alert all your patients and former patients well in advance. This includes everything from sending letters to posting a front-door sign 30 days prior to the move. At this point, a couple of aspirin and a stiff drink might be in order. Better yet, make the smart move: call in the Cavalry from the start.

To The Rescue

You’re an expert at what you do and so are we. Since 1990 Gittleson Zuppas Medical Realty has specialized in medical leasing, sales and relocation. No one is more uniquely positioned to place your practice in the ideal space for your size and needs. Whether you’re buying, leasing or selling medical real estate, we’d love to be your trusted partner whatever your next move.