patient experience

Enhance Patient Experience at Your Practice

November 17, 2020 For Dentists, For Doctors

With patient expectations increasingly taking their cues from the hospitality world, healthcare providers need to ensure that they’re engaging with patients and providing a high-quality experience. This is increasingly important in the context of COVID-19, which has reshaped patient expectations and dramatically changed patient behavior.

Medical Real Estate Advisor

How Medical Practices Can Benefit from Having a Medical Real Estate Advisor

There are many critical components of a thriving healthcare business. Quality of care, technological innovation, and availability of required services are some that come to mind. Another critical factor is the physical space your medical practice calls home. In fact, your clinic’s address is arguably the most important variable in your success.

medical space

Rethinking Your Healthcare Space Post COVID-19

When first faced with COVID-19 in early 2020, doctors sprang into action as they attempted to find new and workable ways of triaging patients, treating the illness, and minimizing its spread. However, in-patient visits plummeted as patients either avoided routine care or opted for telehealth visits instead. This sudden drop in patient load left many clinics rethinking their real estate strategy. Now, some six months later, we have a much better handle on the virus, and in-person visits have largely recovered to their pre-pandemic numbers – although patients still remain wary of exposure.

Medical Experts

We Need Medical Experts Now More than Ever

October 8, 2020 For Dentists, For Doctors

As we seek to adjust to life in the context of a global pandemic, we’ve developed a new-found appreciation for the voice and opinion of the medical expert. Ensuring the health of our community is vital to the success of our nation, and medical experts are the ones whose insights, expertise, and guidance are central to achieving this.

1145 19th Street

The RMR Group Announces Completion of the Renovations
at 1145 19th Street, NW in Washington, DC

September 16, 2020 GZ In The News

The RMR Group Inc. (Nasdaq: RMR) announced today that it has completed a $26 million redevelopment of 1145 19th Street, NW, a 133,000 square foot, eight-story medical office property in Washington DC.


The Value of Medical Specialists –
in Medicine and in Real Estate

September 15, 2020 Real Estate Insights, The GZ Take

The past few decades have seen the rise of the specialist. Although many fields have seen a shift away from the “jack-of-all-trades” provider towards specialization, it’s especially pronounced in medicine, where specialists and even sub-specialists have become the norm. As a real estate firm focused solely on medical real estate, we see the parallels between what’s happening in medicine and the market shift we’re driving in our own field.

medical building

An Exceptional Medical Building Experience: Discover the 1145 19th Street NW Redevelopment

September 3, 2020 Medical Offices

1145 19th Street NW is a newly renovated Class A medical office building located between M and L Streets in the heart of Washington, DC’s Central Business District. Spanning 133,000 RSF over eight stories, the building features a new sleek all-glass exterior cladding featuring energy-efficient windows, a welcoming double-height lobby, and abundant new building amenities.


Prepare for Positive Change: How to be Agile During Changes in the Healthcare Profession

It’s long been a truism that adaptable healthcare organizations are successful ones. Even when times are good, healthcare organizations have to adjust to changing patient loads, shifting demographics, along with legislative, financial, and regulatory changes. Now more than ever, we’re seeing just how vital it is that healthcare organizations can draw upon a culture of resiliency to nimbly adapt to changing market conditions. Here’s how to ensure that your organization is among those that can.


The Future of Healthcare: How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Medical Practices

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing how the world works with data. Its ability to analyze, decode, and draw predictions from enormous datasets makes it a tremendous asset to any data-heavy sector – healthcare among them. But while most clinicians are likely to associate AI with lofty, yet-to-materialize efforts to eradicate cancer, AI actually has dozens of real and immediate applications that healthcare professionals can take advantage of right now.

telemedicine falls short

Healthcare Transformation: Why Telemedicine Alone Falls Short for Medical Practices

Telemedicine has skyrocketed during COVID-19, with many patients using it as an alternative to in-person care. However, while telehealth has made it possible for patients to receive routine care without the risk of exposure of viral spread, it’s at best a complement to existing care provision – not a replacement.


Ways to Help Prevent Physician Burnout

June 18, 2020 For Dentists, For Doctors

The COVID-19 outbreak has placed immense pressure on frontline healthcare workers. Facing rising cases, increased workloads, and lack of preparedness and resources, physicians are at high risk of burnout. In fact, more than half of the nation’s physicians have demonstrated at least one symptom of burnout, a number that has risen dramatically in recent years. With healthcare worker burnout being associated with emotional distress, poorer patient outcomes, and high turnover, it’s vital that clinics proactively address and handle physician burnout. Here’s how.


Value-Based Care: The Case for a Phased Transition

June 11, 2020 For Dentists, For Doctors

Value-based care marks a major shift in healthcare provision. In recent years it has experienced a surge, growing from 10.9% to 53% of services provided between 2012 and 2017. Those figures are only set to increase – and they will, so long as healthcare providers take a measured, phased approach in transitioning to value-based care.