Grow your Practice

5 Tips for Growing Your Medical Practice

The impact of COVID-19 is impossible to understate. Over the past two years, the coronavirus has meant reduced patient traffic and revenue for most medical practices. If patient attrition and low levels of new patients have impacted your bottom line, it’s time to get proactive. Here’s how to grow your healthcare practice in 2022 and beyond.

Great People Deliver a Great Experience

One of the most critical aspects of the patient experience is rapport with staff. From admin staff to nurses, ensure that your team is patient-first and focused on positive interactions. Being friendly matters, and so does a solid awareness of practice processes, domain knowledge, and healthcare communication. Ensure staff receive regular training and skills development – including phone training – and work to ensure that your whole team represents your brand in the way you want.

Your USP Will Set You Apart

There are plenty of great healthcare practices, but none like yours. Think about your unique selling point (USP) and articulate it through your branding and marketing. Are you the cheapest, the easiest to get to, the most specialized, or the most innovative? Focus on that point of differentiation and make sure it shines through in every aspect of your organization – from your signage to your Google ads to how your team communicates with your patients.

There’s Nothing Like Value

Healthcare is all about going above and beyond. Strive to deliver value to your patients at every step along the way. From digital booking systems and payment portals, expanding your services, or even follow-up calls and documentation, there are plenty of opportunities to add value throughout the patient journey. Survey your patients or conduct market research to identify opportunities or fill an unmet need and expand or collaborate with other providers accordingly. Value translates into word of mouth – meaning better retention and higher patient enrollments.

Never Underestimate Good PR

There’s marketing, and then there’s PR. You pay for the first one but earn the second one. Provide a great experience and make it easy for people to find or talk about you. Encourage online reviews and reward referrals. Become a presence in your community across all forms of media. Also, share your expertise through events, newsletters, and community publications. If you’re top-of-mind, existing people will recommend you, and new ones will look you up. PR reminds people that you’re there and open to new patients.

The Right Space Means the Right Growth

If your current space is too small or is positioned somewhere that doesn’t appeal to prospective patients, it’s time to rethink. You need enough room to comfortably meet demand – but not so much that your budget can’t handle it. Additionally, if your space doesn’t exhibit the professional, forward-looking mentality that patients expect, or is too hard to get to, or is among too many competitors, a new lease or location might be the answer. If patients can easily get to you and feel like they’re in good hands when they do, you’re in a solid position.

Grow With GZ Realty

At Gittleson Zuppas Medical Realty, we specialize in healthcare real estate. If your goal is to grow your practice, but your space or location doesn’t measure up, let’s talk. Whether you’re a clinician or a healthcare landlord, we’re here to help you put your best foot forward.