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Can The View From Your Medical Office Pay Off?

Where you practice affects how you practice – and the overall patient experience. Healthcare providers who work in visually appealing settings offer an improved experience for patients and a desirable workplace for staff. An address with high-quality views also positively affects your standing in the market, commanding 6% higher rents for owners and landlords.

The Benefits of Quality Medical Office Views

Appealing views bring staff and patients closer to nature and offer improved exposure to natural light. Together these elements boost emotional and physical wellbeing, fostering better moods, encouraging greater productivity and higher creativity; no wonder the HBR ranks natural light as the #1 office perk.

In busy healthcare environments, access to views can boost feelings of calm, helping staff and patients feel more relaxed, secure, and focused. This can reduce patient anxiety or uncertainty and encourage return and follow-up visits. A quality work environment that incorporates access to nature and natural light helps foster feelings of employee belonging, improving retention and attracting quality applicants.

What Makes A Medical Great Office View

Great views are those that overlook visually appealing, engaging scenes, such as skylines, natural landmarks, or green spaces, pocket parks, or landscaped areas. Studies have found that long-distance views allow staff to “refocus” away from their computers, reducing fatigue, eye strain, and headaches. The quality of the view also matters: green spaces should be well-tended and skylines should be visually appealing – simply being “outside” isn’t enough.

When building, designing, or renovating a medical office building, protect your views at all costs. Design to capture the beauty of local views, maximize natural light throughout the day, tap into the power of strategically placed windows, and minimize external obstructions that might block natural light. Also, ensure that your building invests in landscaping, re-greening, and biophilic approaches that enhance views from every part of your building.

Other Ways to Boost Your Visual Appeal

Not all medical office buildings can enjoy world-class views of forests or mountains. But there are other ways to boost your visual appeal. Thoughtful landscaping with walking paths and seating areas will create a welcoming, engaging environment for staff, patients, and visiting members of the public. Garden walls and other green installations can bring nature inside, as can adding greenery to balconies and other outdoor areas. Floor-to-ceiling windows, skylights, and thoughtful interior design maximize natural light, while “natural Looking” ambient lighting can imitate the benefits of daylight. Together these can help you improve your offer, boosting the quality of your environment and your bottom line.

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