Gittleson Zuppas Waiting Room

Create a Waiting Room Patients Enjoy

May 15, 2017 Medical Offices

Waiting rooms can be a dreaded place to enter. But, what if time spent in your waiting room didn’t feel like waiting at all?  What if instead of choosing between a Glamour magazine from October of 2010 & a Men’s Health from April of 2011, your patients and those that come with them to their appointments could pass time being productive or genuinely entertained?

Here is a list of items or services that can create a positive experience in your waiting room.

Waiting Room Improvement #1. Free WiFi.

With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, many people can make good use of their time if an internet connection is available.  Offer free WiFi to your patients so they can get some work in or play games and network while waiting for their appointment.

Waiting Room Improvement #2. The Use of a Tablet

You can take your free WiFi service a step further and have electronic tablets available for use.  From the latest e-magazine articles to convenient access to the cloud, tablets will help pass the time for your patients or the people driving them to their appointments.

Waiting Room Improvement #3.  Gaming Systems

Offering a Wii or Xbox system is another popular way to entertain your patients in the waiting room.  Either of these systems offers educational options if you would like to promote learning in a fun environment.

Waiting Room Improvement #4.  Board Games

Board games provide a fun way for parents and children to interact and kill time.  Worried about keeping track of all those tiny pieces?  Use the travel version of popular games that are self-contained and hold the pieces intact.

Waiting Room Improvement #5.  Massage Therapist

Reduce stress levels with a relaxing massage.  Form a partnership with a massage therapist who is willing to give 15-minute chair massages, either at a flat rate or a small per massage fee available to your patients.

If your medical office needs more attention than these tips – it may be time to move! Give us a call to see available properties in the area.