Debunking A Myth: You Save Money By Not Using an Agent/Broker

May 14, 2018 Real Estate Insights

You wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself, would you? Whether you’re negotiating a lease renewal or looking for a new space, believe it or not, you won’t save money by eliminating the middleman. In fact, you may cost your practice more.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is a commission pool built into most lease deals comprised of rental funds. If you don’t hire a broker to represent you, the landlord’s broker or leasing agent will take the full commission. If you are represented, the fund is shared with your broker or agent. Either way, the commission comes from the pot, not your pocket.

We’re “Insiders”

In other words, we know the ins and outs of medical real estate. Our job is to save you money and time and to advise you on getting the best lease terms available. We wear many hats, including that of a consultant; and a good one will be frank and will let you know if they think a deal you’ve been offered is acceptable.

We’re Negotiators

We are great at it. You may be one as well, but it pays to have someone experienced in real estate negotiating terms on your behalf. Sometimes when trying to hammer out a deal, an impasse over something small can happen. We know what to do in order to reach a resolution without sacrificing the deal itself, whereas you may not.

We Speak the Jargon

Legalese can give even the best of us a headache. But we speak the jargon, so you don’t have to. We can help you understand lingo like annual escalations, operating and real estate pass-throughs, renewal and sublease rights, along with many other lease terms that should be in your dictionary in order to make the best financial and operational choice for your practice.

We’re Experts and We Specialize

Hiring someone who specializes in medical office tenant representation ensures that you go in with the best approach and strategy in order to make the best financial and operational choice for your practice. Experts know how to capitalize on this and are familiar with the complexities of the market. We can help you find the perfect location to fit your specific practice needs.

We’re Problem Solvers, So You Don’t Have to Be

We help you identify viable solutions, maximize negotiation leverage, mitigate risk in the transaction, minimize occupancy costs, and more. We think of things that you don’t, and we make sure that you get a space that fits your needs. We’re also not afraid to play hardball when necessary either. Sometimes problems can arise that makes negotiations tense. We handle the tension, so you don’t have to.

Don’t make the mistake of not hiring an expert to assist you in determining the best direction for your practice. Don’t be fooled by the brokers who dabble in the medical market. Work with a firm who has a history of dedication to the Washington Metropolitan Medical market.

No matter who you work with, it’s important to first gauge their experience, market knowledge and their past client representations. Good luck!