Give Your Waiting Room a Refresh

April 19, 2018 Medical Offices

When it comes to medical care facilities, they need to be designed in such a way that it is easy to change things around when necessary. Adaptability is the name of the game, especially as a medical practice grows and gains more patients.

Needs and demands change, and what worked well before may not work as well now. This fact can apply not just to the space and facility itself, but also to the equipment, technology, and even to how the facility is staffed and managed. Quality of care is the most important thing, and a facility that can adapt to provide care the most effective care is a facility that will continue to grow and prosper.

Try Modular Casework

One way you can give your waiting room a refresh on a smaller budget is by using modular casework in your design. it is quick and effortless to install, easily reconfigured to suit your facility needs and repaired when something is broken and includes software that you can use to drag and drop your design options into your available space so you know that everything will fit and function exactly where you envision it.

Plus, casework is depreciable on a 7-10 year time frame, which is a cost-benefit and is made in a factory, which means cuts and measurements that are precise every single time. Modular casework can offer significant savings and move with your practice, wherever you go.

Hang Mirrors

Another way to spruce up your waiting room and give an illusion of more space is to hang mirrors in strategic locations. Mirrors aren’t terribly expensive, and they can help open up a room and make it feel larger than it is.

Use RTA Furniture

You can also consider ready-to-assemble furniture in order to save money on shipping costs, especially on larger furniture items like a reception desk. Set the pieces up yourself when they arrive. Make sure that you budget for enough chairs to accommodate the busiest of patient days without going overboard or overloading the space.

Doing this will ensure that you have funds left over for other things too, like tables and storage options. One way to help you prioritize your funds is to categorize exactly what you need. Then you will know precisely how much you can spend on what.

Get Expert Help

Of course, when all else fails, you can always seek professional expertise from our friends at StellaPop, who offer workplace services to better assist you when giving a waiting room a refresh. It is tough to move into a new space! It’s also tough trying to revamp an existing one.

Moves and redesigns require logistics and space planning, complex design elements, and so much more. But we specialize in that kind of thing, and we strive to remove and ease all of the guesswork and headaches that you might face.

A waiting room is the first thing your will clients see when they step through your doors, and StellaPop’s goal is to help you cultivate the best first impression possible.

So, no matter what kind of budget you start with, you can give your waiting room a much-needed makeover without breaking the bank, if you get strategic.