Help Your Medical Practice a Perfect Game

Help Your Medical Practice Play a Perfect Game

January 17, 2023 For Dentists, For Doctors

Continuous improvement is at the heart of a successful medical practice. What worked in the past isn’t always what works now. And each expansion, service addition, or new piece of technology is an opportunity to reassess and refine your offer. If you’re ready to bowl a strike in the eyes of the public, review each area of your practice to identify gaps or areas for improvement.

No Gutter Balls: Optimize Your Space

Location is everything. And we don’t just mean the physical address of your practice, although that’s key. In addition to being positioned in a place that’s easily accessible and with high demand, you also want to ensure that your practice premises are properly sized and appointed to suit your patient base and that both “need to have” and “nice to have” amenities are accounted for. Convenient parking and transit, a comfortable waiting area, private consultation rooms and conveniences such as pharmacy access will win you extra points with patients. Make sure that you’re using all available space efficiently and consider leasing out or repurposing unused areas to make them earn their keep. If your space is too small for your growth plans, consider expanding, moving, or opening a satellite office.

Roll a Double: Elevate the Patient Experience

A practice is only as good as its reputation. In a world where patients increasingly consider online reviews and star ratings when choosing a provider, ensuring a seamless patient experience is crucial. Seek patient feedback, read reviews, and monitor your analytics to identify areas for improvement. You might be able to streamline processes, shift to digital or automated options, or adjust your pre- and post-visit communications. Another key thing to consider is your branding and market positioning and how well those align with the experience you’re delivering. If you’re positioned as a high-tech practice, it’s vital to deliver on those cutting-edge promises. If you’re targeting young families, provide a kid-friendly environment and make admin processes quick and easy for busy caregivers.

Hit a Strike: Give Your Team a Boost

Culture is essential to the overall patient experience – and the health of your practice. Check-in with your team regularly to ensure that everything is running smoothly and solicit feedback about where processes, procedures, or resource allocation could improve. Provide regular training, properly onboard new staff, offer team-building opportunities, reward successes, and ensure that your team has opportunities for personal growth and professional advancement. Consider the type of culture that you want to foster in your practice, and take concrete steps toward making that happen – making sure that you get input from your team along the way.

Talk to GZ About Upping Your Healthcare Game

Every practice has room for improvement. If the physical location or amenities offered by your practice are affecting your patient experience or the culture of your clinic, talk to the team at Gittleson Zuppas Medical Realty. Providing decades of experience specializing in medical real estate, we can help you find the ideal space for your needs – both now and into the future.