Medical Real Estate Advisor

How Medical Practices Can Benefit from Having a Medical Real Estate Advisor

There are many critical components of a thriving healthcare business. Quality of care, technological innovation, and availability of required services are some that come to mind. Another critical factor is the physical space your medical practice calls home. In fact, your clinic’s address is arguably the most important variable in your success.

A well-placed, well-appointed, and well-designed healthcare facility positions your clinic for exceptional outcomes. You’ll be within reach of your target demographics; be able to provide the range of services they need and be able to run your practice efficiently and effectively.

To find the ideal site for your clinic, we highly recommend consulting with a medical real estate advisor.

Medical Real Estate Advisors Know the Market

When searching for the optimal space for your clinic, you may have some luck with a generalist commercial real estate advisor. However, for the best results, we suggest connecting with a medical real estate advisor. As experts within the medical and healthcare niche, we have a deep understanding of which assets are a good fit for your business, as well as up-to-date knowledge around the healthcare landscape in the local area. We know who your competition is, what recent or upcoming changes may affect your success, and whether you’re getting a good deal for the property at hand.

Medical Real Estate Advisors Can Structure A Great Deal

The leasing terms on medical real estate are typically longer than standard commercial buildings and come with unique challenges such as their affiliation with local hospitals or other clinics. Having a medical real estate advisor on your side can ensure that you sign a favorable deal that takes into account lease duration, affordable annual increases, and improvements, all while adhering with Stark Law. Your bottom line will thank you for the cost savings you’ll reap over a decade-plus time period.

GZ – The Trusted Medical Real Estate Advisors

At GZ Realty, we pride ourselves on our unrivaled knowledge of the medical real estate market. For decades we’ve helped our clients buy, sell and lease top-tier healthcare settings, as well as brokering invaluable relationships between tenants and landlords. If you’re seeking a medical property, we have the expertise and networks to ensure that you get the best possible deal. For more information, simply get in touch.