Workplace Culture

How to Co-Create a Medical Office Workplace Culture

October 24, 2022 For Dentists, For Doctors

Organizational culture is critical to your medical office’s success. It’s the glue that brings and keeps your team together, creating a sensibility that infuses your entire brand experience. But a culture can’t just be applied from above. To truly “stick” in an authentic, long-lived way, culture must be co-created with staff at all levels. Here’s how to foster a shared, communal culture in your medical office workplace.

Invite Input and Feedback

Defining and communicating your mission and values is an essential first step toward fostering a communal culture. Work with your team members to see how they perceive your goals and values, then either adjust your brand identity so that there’s alignment – or work to communicate your objectives and values with your team so that everyone is on the same page. Remember, a brand identity can evolve over time, so be open to adjustments and changes as the culture shifts and grows. Ensure that you’re receptive to input and suggestions and that you’re inviting feedback from diverse voices across the entire organization. Actively demonstrating that you value your team’s voices and opinions will encourage buy-in and participation and will help foster the kind of culture that benefits staff and patients alike.

Focus on the “We”

A little bit of recognition goes a long way. Do away with the “I” and focus on the “we” – you’re all in this together, after all. Work to elevate the people doing great things in service of your mission and values, and show your appreciation through feedback, recognition, and rewards. Don’t just focus on the leaders: they’re supported by a whole team who deserves their share of gratitude as well. One way to help ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same outcomes is to create communal goals and metrics so that every task – and its success – becomes a joint effort. Over time you’ll watch your medical office workplace become more communally minded and committed to collective success.

Create an Inclusive Setting

Where you work influences how you work, a setting that feels warm, welcoming, and open will foster those same values and attributes among your team. In contrast, a siloed workplace will result in a siloed, fragmented workplace culture. Ensure your workplace has options for people across different teams and responsibilities to come together, connect, and share experiences and ideas. These might include spaces such as coworking areas and “flex” environments or on-site cafeterias or dining areas. Informal gatherings and meetings can also be a great way to bring people together. The more people see who they’re working with and feel that they’re all working together towards the same ends, the stronger your culture will be.

Talk to GZ About Finding the Right Space

If your medical office setting is at odds with your goal of creating a strong, inclusive culture, talk to the experts at Gittleson Zuppas Medical Realty. As specialists in healthcare spaces, we can help you find a setting that will inspire team buy-in and foster strong, long-term relationships. Whether you’re looking to expand, move, or launch a new practice, we can help. Get in touch today!