Medical Office Buildings Are the New Mixed-Use Developments

We’re all familiar with mixed-use developments: large spaces that meld different types of buildings, and which function as a sort of community hub drawing people from all walks of life. While these sorts of developments have long been associated with commercial, retail, and residential spaces, we’re increasingly seeing the same principles being applied to medical office buildings (MOBs).

As patients demand more from their care, and healthcare continues to take on aspects of both retail and hospitality, medical office buildings are adjusting to meet these needs. Patients expect care that is convenient, customized, and that can provide the all-in-one holistic care strategies that are becoming the norm. Thoughtfully designed MOBs patterned after mixed-use developments can deliver this.

The Influence of Mixed-Use Developments on MOBs

Rather than being a series of separate buildings that patients have to travel between, MOBs are taking their cues from mixed-use developments to offer everything from patient services through to retail, entertainment, food and beverage, hospitality, and even transportation. Smaller clinics are co-locating alongside hospitals, labs, and other medical facilities to form convenient clusters of care that draw people in – and keep them there.

When you have enough critical mass, it’s easy to support healthcare services with retail, hospitality, and transit extras. Dedicated bus stops, rail systems, and parking all make sense when you have thousands of individuals attending a MOB center either as patients, physicians, support staff, or visiting family. So do high-quality restaurants and shopping.

Mixed-Use Development as a Goal, Not an Afterthought

The shift towards mixed-use style MOBs reflects a new dynamic between doctors and patients where patients are empowered to seek care on their own terms. People today now view the doctor’s office as more than a place to go when you’re sick. This means that it’s vital for MOBs to step away from the standard office or institutional paradigm. Simply occupying any old MOB or transforming a regular office building into a MOB doesn’t cut it.

To truly align physical space design and holistic care strategies, MOBs need to be built from the ground up using detailed, custom plans that foreground the overall patient experience, while also considering needs beyond the patient-physician consultation. For example, patients may wish to grab a coffee or lunch before or after a consultation, be fitted for a device, shop for gifts for a loved one, or pick up medications. To capture and serve these needs, MOBs need to research, weigh, and integrate the patient journey into the design of the MOBs of today and tomorrow.

Mixed-Use MOBs Will Capture Market Interest

MOBs that are ready to move on from the old-fashioned doctor’s office by embracing everything that mixed-use developments offer are the ones that will capture the attention of today’s medical audiences. They’re the type of space that people want to visit, work and seek treatment from – and they’re what’s next in the MOB experience.

For more information on MOB and mixed-use trends, as well as advice on securing a space that aligns with today’s market needs, contact GZ Realty. As experts in the MOB space, we can help ensure that your chosen location will deliver exceptional ROI.