Social Media Marketing for Doctors and Medical Practices

October 30, 2018 For Dentists, For Doctors

Social media is here to stay, and it behooves the savvy business owner to learn how to use it effectively to market their medical practice. Whether you’re a doctor, chiropractor, dentist, etc. the goal is the same: help more people who have the problem(s) that you solve.

You can use social media to humanize your brand, educate current and potential clients, connect with other industry professionals, and communicate with your audience in a way that’s transparent, informative, and engaging.

Here are some guidelines we’ve put together to help you achieve this:

Step 1: Show Up

Choose the right social platforms for your industry. Most experts recommend focusing your attention on no more than three social platforms. Facebook and LinkedIn are our favorites, but Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are great options too.

Facebook especially has become a go-to resource for not only interaction but information. People often look to their trusted network on Facebook for suggestions, especially when it comes to their health. Ex: “Does anyone have a great pediatrician they recommend in the DC Metro Area?”

Step 2: Post Good Content

For medical professionals looking to grow their business, it’s important to share information that is relevant to the people whose attention you’re trying to capture (your audience).

The types of information you post should vary to keep things fresh, but here are some good categories to keep in mind:

  • Informational Content
    • Office hours, holidays, link to appointment scheduling page/platform
  • Educational Content
    • Provide accurate information to your current and potential clients.
  • Seasonal Offers
    • Flu shots, back to school check-ups, etc.
  • Demonstrating Expertise
    • Share photos from industry events you attend, community involvement
  • Patient Stories and Reviews
    • People trust reviews now more than ever.
  • Promotional Offers
    • Sprinkle these in limitedly but make people aware of new services or limited time offers.
  • Show off your office
    • Your office space is a representation of your practice’s legitimacy, credibility and care for patients.

Step 3: Post regularly

The more regularly you post, the better your engagement will be with your audience. It’s important to set a schedule and make your efforts a habit, whether you do it weekly or daily. Just like with email marketing and blogging, your audience will quickly forget who you are amongst all the noise unless you make a targeted effort to keep yourself visible and relevant.

Step 4: Engage!

The golden ticket of social media is engagement. Whether you’re sharing pertinent information or answering questions, it’s not enough to just post. Answer questions, respond to comments and ask questions to engage with current and potential clients. We know as a doctor you are extremely busy, but a little time and effort on social media can make a big difference. Here are some strategies you can employ:

  • Office hours – schedule an hour a week that you’ll be on social media answering questions
  • Designate a staff member to be in charge of responding to posts on your social media accounts

Learn from the Pros

Some doctors are ahead of the game and have a social following (and high demand for an appointment). One example is Dr. Pimple Popper. That’s right. Dr. Sandra Lee, a dermatologist in Los Angeles, has become a viral sensation. She now has her own show after harnessing the power of social media to share stories her audience would resonate.

Dr. Howard Luks has also grown a large social following, as he makes videos explaining common orthopedic injuries and treatment options.

Here are some great local examples of practices that are killing the social media game in our area:

Shady Grove Fertility

Capital Women’s Care

Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute

Visionary Eye Doctors

Now It’s Your Turn

Social media has the power to increase your practice’s visibility, market your offerings, drive engagement and stay top of mind. Practices that put in the time and effort will likely see more patients coming in. Take your practice to the next level by meeting patients where they already are.

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