What a Modern Medical Office Needs

You’ve probably got a hazy vision going of your new medical office. Maybe you’ve even got a list going. Now, you need to start solidifying what you’re looking for in a space.

Whether you’re relocating, expanding, renewing your lease or just planning ahead – you’ll want to make sure you’re meeting the needs and expectations of patients and physicians.

In fact, every office design, layout and building decision should take into consideration how it influences these two areas of your medical practice: staff efficiency and patient experience. It might be overwhelming but don’t fret.

What Will You Need?

Think about what the must-have, nice-to-have, and luxury items are. Use these three categories as you talk about layout, equipment, staff, patient areas, etc.

Some common needs for a medical practice are:

  • Covered parking and building access
  • Covered patient drop-off areas
  • Wide corridors large enough for two wheelchairs to pass through
  • Gurney-sized elevators
  • Dining areas for inpatient units
  • Storage spaces
  • Multi-purpose exam rooms and spaces
  • High ceilings (depending on equipment needs)
  • Work pods/stations
  • Convenient location
  • Good visibility

Think about each item’s contribution to space efficiency and overall patient experience before crossing it off.

Why it Matters

When it comes to medical offices, efficiency is of the utmost concern. The more efficiently designed your space is, the more patients you can see, the more lives you can touch, and the more money you can make.

Things to think about in your medical space:

  • Will visitor pathways interrupt other spaces?
  • Will doctors easily be able to supervise patients?
  • What is the distance between frequently used spaces?
  • What is the typical patient route?

When evaluating the site of your medical office or potential medical office, you’ll want to think about your office beyond an attractive façade. Think about the continuum of care you will provide, where you need patient touchpoints and the types of spaces you’ll need.

The New and Improved MOB

MOBs today are more intentional, energy-efficient, conveniently located, digital-based, aesthetically appealing, and focused on the patient experience beyond the portal.

This is important for not only attracting and retaining patients but attracting and retaining an excellent staff as well.

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape, it’s vital to continually reinvest in and revaluate your business. So, before you sign a new lease or renew your lease, consult with someone who has experience in evaluating medical office space.