Tips to Grow Your Pediatric Practice

Tips for Growing Your Pediatric Practice

As we move into 2023, goal setting is top of mind. If you run a pediatric practice, no doubt one of your goals is to grow that practice into the new year and beyond. For you, strategy, intentionality, and consistency are key. Here’s how to get the word out about your pediatric practice to bring new patients in – and keep existing ones coming back.

1. Find Routines that Work

Strive to create an experience that feels safe but also rewarding by developing processes that make a pediatric visit empowering, manageable, and fun. You can make the consultation itself feel safe and comfortable with simple routines like singing a song, showing how the light dimmers work, encouraging a patient to choose a stuffed animal to hold, or even having them pick out a gown. Consider rewards like sticker stations or a patient’s choice of pencil or pen after the visit.

Of course, while kids might thrive when it comes to routines, they’re also good at helping them come undone! Keep this in mind when scheduling appointments for very young patients or patients with special needs. Allow extra time in your schedule in these cases, and keep notes about what works and what doesn’t for each young patient. Get this right, and your patients – and their siblings – will keep returning year after year.

2. Get out into the Community

Marketing and visibility look different when you’re trying to reach young patients and their families. Complement a robust social media and print media presence with school visits, a booth at community events, community sponsorships, and regular visits to other pediatric facilities or kid-friendly organizations. With familiarity comes trust, and you’ll start to build name recognition in your local community – as well as a strong network for potential referrals. Make it a two-way street: if certain trusted organizations or businesses are sending patients your way, reciprocate by recommending or highlighting those and other businesses, for example, by using their products in take-home gift bags or end-of-year gifts. Build each other up, and you’ll go far.

3. Communicate the Need

Timely, strategic outreach is everything. Note recommended timelines for specific assessments or treatments – for example, infant vaccines or eye exams – and communicate the importance of attending an appointment in a timely manner. Spread the word via social media, newspaper publications, and your own newsletter and digital outreach channels to make sure that parents or carers book those key appointments when they need to. Educating families about key milestones and timeframes will make it much more likely that they’ll attend routine visits – don’t just expect them to know what’s needed of them.

4. Create a Kid-friendly Practice

A pediatric practice must be warm, welcoming, and relatable to young patients. Choose a space that feels, in turn, open and cozy, with bright decor and entertainment options that will appeal to young eyes. Use cheerful patterns and engaging themes – such as animals or space – to help young patients find their way around the practice and ensure each consulting room is imbued with personality. Minimize wait times, train staff in kid-friendly interactions, and work to make sure young patients are entertained while waiting. Make paperwork something that can be done outside the actual visit to reduce the time busy families have to spend at the practice. A safe, welcoming environment will keep patients coming back and will foster word of mouth.

Grow Your Pediatric Practice With GZ

Looking to grow your pediatric practice in 2023? Whether you’re renegotiating a lease, moving, or expanding, GZ’s team of medical real estate experts can help you find and secure a space that will ensure a quality, on-brand healthcare experience for both your team and your pediatric patients. For more information about how we can help, get in touch today.