Relocating Your Medical Practice

Tips for Relocating Your Medical Practice

May 18, 2023 Relocation

Moving is famously one of the most stressful life events you can experience. And moving a medical practice has its own unique challenges. Here’s how to relocate your medical practice while keeping your blood pressure at recommended levels.

Design a Game Plan

A medical practice relocation doesn’t happen overnight. Before you break out the packing boxes, develop a game plan. This will most likely start with a vision for what your new practice will look like and what kind of requirements your current lease has. If you’re unsure about the terms, talk to your realtor or lawyer about the notice you need to give and whether any penalties, exit fees, or repair costs apply. While doing this, check to see what equipment or furnishings will come with you and what will stay.

You’ll also want to work with your accountant or business manager to determine your practice’s needs over the coming years and to get your financial projections and accounts in order (including the cost of your upcoming move). This will help you when it comes time to identify your next space.

Find a Space to Suit

Once you have a sense of your growth projections and your budget, it’s time to begin looking for a new space. Depending on your lease/purchase terms – and the degree of specialization of your practice – you might have to start this search well ahead of your intended move date. Review demographics, location, competition, and amenities when considering a space, and factor in extra time for a build-out or renovations.

Before you get too deep into the process, connect with a medical realty specialist such as the team at Gittleson Zuppas Medical Realty to ensure that you’re getting access to the best properties, that you’re aware of any special compliance needs you might be obligated to meet, and that you’re signing off on terms that work in your favor.

Get your Admin in Order

Once you’ve identified your next space and the ball is rolling on the lease or sale, it’s time to start working through the administrative side of things. Check with your lawyer and accountant about updating essential business details – especially if you’re moving to a different city or state. You might also need to collaborate with an OSHA or ADA rep to ensure you adhere to local build and safety requirements.

Well before the move, write up a checklist of all the details and addresses that need to be updated – for example, your website and Google Maps listings, insurance, telephone and internet, and any SaaS systemsUpdating these will help ensure a smooth re-opening.

Once everything is in order, engage a licensed and bonded professional moving company with experience moving a practice like yours. If you have highly specialized equipment or sensitive files, confirm that your movers have the capacity to work with these. Don’t forget to book technicians to set up and test your equipment after the move!

Notify Your Patients

Give your patients plenty of notice that you’re moving, especially those who may only visit you once or twice a year. Reach out using multiple methods, for example, through letters and electronic portals, and remind patients of your upcoming move when they come in to visit. Provide any key information – including address and travel details – well ahead of time and inform patients about any changes to billing or services.

Be prepared that any move will result in some attrition, so in addition to notifying existing patients, make a concerted effort to reach out to new patients. Write a press release and submit it to local media, place ads in local newspapers or on Facebook, and host a grand opening! All of these things will help bolster your patient numbers and ensure that your finances remain healthy.

Considering Relocating? Talk to GZ!

Relocating your healthcare practice can be a years-long process. Get a head start by looping in the team at GZ. We can help you review your current lease obligations, identify the right space, and help you negotiate the lease or sales terms that work for you and your business. Ready to get moving? Talk to us today!