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Play Ball: Ways to Turn New Patients Into Loyal Fans

October 6, 2021 For Dentists, For Doctors

A loyal patient base will keep your practice chugging along, but to build your brand, reputation, and bottom line, you need a steady influx of new patients. However, the passive patient referral networks and systems of the old days are no longer enough. The shift to digital and the changes ushered in by COVID mean that medical practices need to be proactive about new patient outreach. Here are some simple ways to bolster your patient rosters.

Launch A Digital Ad Campaign

The vast majority of prospective patients search online when reviewing potential providers. A digital ad campaign targeted to patients searching locally will meet patients where they are. Build out a powerful Google My Business presence that puts you at the top of local searches for your specialism. Launch a Google Ad campaign that gets the name of your clinic in front of people searching for “Medical Practitioners in XYZ.” Extend your reach with ads on YouTube and Facebook – but tailor your ad spend and approach to the demographics of your target audience.

Build Your Social Media Presence

Content marketing is an effective way to demonstrate your thought leadership and share your brand and expertise with an engaged group of local users – and prospective patients. A robust social media presence builds trust and visibility and showcases your services, facilities, staff, and voice. Start with the essentials – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – and aim for an approach and schedule you can consistently maintain. Aim for short, insightful messaging and image- and video-heavy content and remember to use captions. Try to interact with the people who interact with you and answer any questions you can.

Ask For Reviews

Reviews are a critical deciding factor for people choosing a healthcare provider. The more reviews your practice has, the higher it’ll rank in search – especially if those reviews are good. Make it a point to ask patients to provide a review on Google Maps, Yelp, or Facebook after their visit, and bask in the visibility those extra reviews offer your practice. If you’re not comfortable asking for reviews on the spot, include a note in patients’ post-visit documentation, or set up an automated text or email service that encourages people to leave a review shortly after their visit.

Get Out in The Community

This doesn’t have to mean being physically present at events, something that might not be wise or possible for your practice given current events. Sponsoring an event, hosting online sessions or webinars, doing a giveaway with a local organization are great ways to get your name out there. Additionally, working alongside schools, local businesses, or non-profits to develop and enact healthy living initiatives can be a powerful way to build your reputation – and patient base.

Make Sure Your Practice is Word-Class

Word of mouth still matters. Build strong relationships with your existing patients, ensure your premises are top-notch and provide seamless access to care and information through tech-forward patient portals and telehealth options. All of these will inspire long-term patients to keep coming back – and to spread the word about what you do. The better your practice is today, the better it will be tomorrow.

At Gittleson Zuppas Medical Realty, we know first-hand just how important the right setting is for your healthcare practice. If you’re considering moving, expanding, or upgrading your space to help attract or cater to new patients, get in touch. Our expert team is here to help you find the ideal space for your healthcare business – and your patients.