Ways to Increase Patient Volume & Grow Your Medical Practice

Ways to Increase Patient Volume & Grow Your Medical Practice

April 13, 2023 Medical Offices

A growing practice is a healthy practice. Actively working to shore up your patient numbers will ensure that you have a robust pipeline of patients both now and in the future, positioning you well when it comes to retiring, being acquired, or expanding. Here’s how to take your practice from the boutique to a force to be reckoned with.

Focus on Building Your Patient Numbers

Patient numbers and clinic size go hand in hand. If your practice is seeing less than 30-50 patients a month, it’s time to double down on marketing and outreach. Try the following:

  • Do a patient analysis. Developing a patient “persona” will help you figure out the type of person you’re trying to reach – and can help identify potential gaps and opportunities.
  • Provide a great experience. Friendly staff, easy booking and payments, a comfortable setting, and a positive bedside manner will keep patients coming back.
  • Highlight your expertise. Are you known for a specific area of expertise or approach? Focus on reinforcing your credentials and marketing your expertise.
  • Expand your services. Adding new services can encourage new patients to come through the doors. Identify needed gaps and fill them.
  • Follow up with patients. Following up with patients after a consultation is good for them – and also provides an opportunity to book those follow-up routine appointments.
  • Optimize your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). From a mobile-optimized website to a properly filled-out Google Business profile, good SEO can help patients in your area easily find you.
  • Encourage reviews. Social proof matters to new patients. Ask current patients to leave reviews – and share them to your social media. Don’t forget to let them know you’re taking new patients.
  • Get out in the community. Be visible at community events, Chamber of Commerce breakfasts, school fairs, and in local publications. Awareness is where it all starts.
  • Create a referral network. Talk to other practitioners about mutually referring patients so that you can support each other’s clinics.
  • Embrace technology. From EHR (Electronic Health Record) technology to online booking services, shifting to convenient technologies can be highly appealing to new patients.
  • Address feedback. If you’ve received feedback showing you have room to improve, quickly address the issue. Being receptive to feedback is vital for business growth.
  • Partner with other physicians. Bring other specialists or healthcare professionals into your space. They’ll not only bring their patients with them but will also provide extra incentives for new patients to sign up.

Consider Expanding Your Medical Space

Increasing your number of patients means expanding your practice. Whether your growth is due to high levels of new patient acquisitions or a partnership with additional healthcare professionals, you’ll eventually need to expand or move your practice. This may mean moving to a new location. Before making a move, develop a robust business plan and talk to your accountant and lawyer about a timeline for your expansion. Then loop in the team at Gittleson Zuppas Medical Realty to help you find the right space on the right terms – and with a lease that works in your favor.