Medical Experts

We Need Medical Experts Now More than Ever

October 8, 2020 For Dentists, For Doctors

As we seek to adjust to life in the context of a global pandemic, we’ve developed a new-found appreciation for the voice and opinion of the medical expert. Ensuring the health of our community is vital to the success of our nation, and medical experts are the ones whose insights, expertise, and guidance are central to achieving this.

Demand for specialized expert care has been steadily growing. This is due to multiple factors. An aging population, a rise in the diagnosis of complex conditions, increasing awareness of fitness and wellness, the availability of new treatments and technologies, and shifts in policy are just some of the reasons patients are increasingly seeking care. Add a pandemic to these factors, and doctors are in high demand. Not only do we need medical experts more than ever, but we need access to them more than ever.

The Doctor Is In

Although telehealth quickly became the healthcare buzzword in early-to-mid 2020, we know that virtual services can only replace a fraction of the care that doctors provide. While remote care can be helpful in checking up on patients, monitoring minor conditions, or providing simple diagnoses and treatment recommendations, it falls short in many ways. It may provide on-the-go access for some patients, but it cannot replace the value of an in-person visit.

In-person visits are vital for establishing trust, building rapport, and fostering a sense of expertise and professionalism. They’re also essential for conducting exams, administering vaccinations, and providing specialized services such as infant care. Some sensitive cases and questions are also best handled from the privacy of a doctor’s office. While some of these services can be provided via house visits, to perform at required levels, medical experts need to have access to an appropriately appointed space. Access, after all, is key to taking advantage of the knowledge and expertise our healthcare providers offer.

Medical Experts Need Medical Offices

The professional world may be rethinking what the modern-day office looks like, but for doctors and medical professionals, a traditional office is essential. A properly equipped doctor’s office offers a number of benefits:

  • Professional space for staff. Admin and support staff are able to work at higher levels of professionalism and efficiency when working from a dedicated space.
  • Patient trust and cooperation. Patients are more likely to feel that they’re in good hands and receiving an appropriate level of care when being treated at a dedicated clinic.
  • Control over experience. A specialized clinic allows medical experts to manage and optimize every aspect of the patient experience, from sign-in to billing.
  • A trustworthy setting. Doctor’s offices are known for being hygienic, sanitary, and aligned with current practices and recommendations. Whether patients are seeking care virtually or in person, this sort of professional backdrop creates a sense of trust and safety.
  • Privacy and sensitivity. While virtual visits offer privacy from the doctor’s side of things, the patient is less able to control their own environment. Professional healthcare spaces, therefore, become a safe, private space for patients.

Expert Care Requires an Expert Setting

As the general public grows more aware of the importance of managing their health and wellbeing, the demand for healthcare will continue to grow. The current pandemic context will only increase the volume and complexity of this demand. With new safety measures in place to prevent the spread and ensure staff and patient safety, patients are returning to their regular healthcare regimen – or even seeking out care for conditions that might have otherwise gone unchecked.

To meet this demand and provide the appropriate level of care, we not only need to invest in our healthcare providers but ensure that our providers are investing in professionally equipped, adaptive healthcare settings designed to ensure optimal outcomes. Other industries may be moving into a “post-office” context, but this sort of response would be detrimental to healthcare.

At GZ Realty, we see the value of providing patient-centric, future-proof workspaces every day – and our portfolio of tailored medical buildings caters precisely to this need.